My Mother – By Meet. S. Masalia – VII C

My mother is a symbol of love, truth, honesty, and above all, the Gods in this world. My mother is an amazing and confident woman and also an inspiration to me. I always admire my mother because of her self-made decisions and her loyalty in her life. Her name is Jayshree Masalia.

My mother is a good luck to me, so I always start my day with my mother’s cute smile, and every day I take her blessings. It helps me a lot and makes it very easy to do any work and clears the problems very quickly. She is always concerned about my studies and helps me at the time of examinations. She also guides me in life to become a good person and to do right things and always suggests that I make the right decisions in my life. She takes care of my younger brother and me whenever we fall sick. She is a best friend to both of us and always tries to make us comfortable with her all the time. My brother and I always share our secrets with our mom.

She always cares for our happiness and tries to make us feel comfortable. She cooks delicious food for the whole family. Every day she makes breakfast for our school. On holidays, she prepares special and delicious food and tasty cuisines and we enjoy it a lot. Sometimes, we also go out to celebrate our weekends and have fun. Whenever we get time off from our studies, we sit with our mother, and she tells us funny and knowledgeable stories, and other incidents that we can follow in our lives and become a good person. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever seen in my life. I love her more than anyone else in my life. I will never do anything wrong, for which my mother’s dignity will fade because of me.


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