Development of India – By Siddhi Vinod Dungarwal – VIIIth A

 If it comes about topic of developed countries Europe , Germany ,Singapore etc are the countries on top and India is till developing .But in last few years India has developed a lot in many fields like  technology , economics , agriculture etc .

India is one of the most popular countries in the world  . Geographically , India is located at the south of the Asian continent . India’s development and growth has been one of the most significant accomplishments in recent times .Development is about growth and helping to grow different aspects ,as together they create further growth . Development is vital in today’s society as it affects every aspect in everyday life . If we talk about india’s technology field , India developed diverse missiles and rocket systems , light compact vehicles .India is now prepping for cutting -edge technologies including 5G ,Al etc . On October 15 , 2022 India is poised to become  a powerful economic growth engine . Well it is said ,that before 2030 India will be 3rd largest economy and thereafter, the world’s 2nd largest economy by 2050 . 

           India is said to be agricultural land and main occupation here is agriculture .The agriculture sector is a central pillar of the Indian economy , employing 60 percent of  the nation’s workforce and contributing to about 17 percent of it’s GDP . Great India must be built by the people . India won’t construct itself . By having great thoughts , creating good policies , and executing such policies with nationalist pride ,great India can be developed .India has the potential to become one of the globe’s most progressive  nations .The optimum use of the best resources by the best professionals leads to something great being developed

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