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We’re proud of the reputation we’ve established for the range and rigour of our academic offerings, the outstanding quality of our school facilities, and perhaps most importantly the care and attention we provide to each of our students – from Nursery to Grade 12.

The school’s focus is on versatile development along with academic excellence of the child. It aims to provide exceptional opportunities for holistic development of its students. It takes utmost care to keep the students abreast of our rich Indian culture. The school believes in training the students in all three domains – cognitive, psychomotor and affective.

Beyond The Classroom

Discovery is at the heart of education at MEMS School. Beyond the traditional classroom setting, we offer students a world of opportunities to explore and uncover their passions. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and take the first step towards unlocking your child’s full potential.


Health & Nutrition

Dining on school campuses plays a significant role in promoting healthy eating habits and ensuring that students have access to nutritious meals.

Medical Facilities

 At MPS, we believe that good health is essential for academic success, and we’re dedicated to providing our students with the best possible medical facilities and care.

Cultural Education

A teaching technique which involves exposing students to diverse perspectives and experiences and promoting an understanding and appreciation of different cultural backgrounds.


Transportation provided by the school is a convenient and safe option for parents.

Embark on an educational journey unlike any other with our innovative and unique school layout designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and success.



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  • I am CA Abhijeet Mutha student of Mahaveer English Medium School, batch of 2014, currently working at J.P.Morgan as an Investment Banking Analyst and have previously worked with KPMG in their Auditing and Assurance department. From being a shy and timid kid to addressing a crowd of 1000+ people without any nervousness has been a key change that has happened to me and Mahaveer School is the key pioneer to make that happen. Along with academics, I was motivated and inspired to take up sports, music and other leadership activities which developed my overall personality and helped me in becoming what I am today. My heart is full of gratitude and my love for the school has never diminished.

    Abhijeet Mutha
    Alumni (Batch of 2014)
  • I, am Keshar Jain mother of Moksha Jain from 9.C. 
    My daughter studies in this Mahaveer English Medium School. This school is giving excellent exposure in activities, sports and behaviour in students and discipline too. The cooperation from school staff and teacher is excellent in any situation. The nature of co-operation towards parents and children of teachers is best. Nutritious lunch is provided, and the quality of food and taste is also excellent. Annual Gathering is also organised and there are many different labs like science lab, chemistry lab, computer lab and library too. As the parent took admission in school due to best reputation and faithfulness and expectation towards school in reality came true.

    Keshar Jain
    Parent Of Moksha Jain from 9.C. 
  • My name is Sahil Vaibhav shelukar I am in standard 6th B my hobbies are motocross and supercross recently I won two trophies and one medal in Kolhapur before this I had  went  to a event of a 8Moto and won 4 medals I started riding last year my dream is to represent India in motocross recently I have a KTM with which I won the two trophies in Kolhapur this event was held at Mohittere Singh academy all of my training is done by my father Vaibhav shelukar he always supports me while riding and also pics me up whenever I fall


    Sahil Vaibhav Shelukar
    Student 6th B
  • I am Navin Mutha student of Mahaveer English medium school for batch of 2011. I started my schooling here in 6th Std, making a change of coming from small town to Pune. The school felt like second home and the values I have learned here I will cherish them forever. I have few of my great friendships developed here and it’s been more than 15 years we are still in touch. I did not just grow academically here but there was an overall development for me as a person. We were always asked to push our limit’s and achieve greater heights. Even though it’s been so many years I have left school, but my heart is filled with emotions when I remember those old golden days of my life.

    Navin Mutha
    Alumni ( Batch of 2011)
  • I am Dr Nisha Jain, a proud student of Mahaveer English Medium School, M.B.B.S. graduate, currently pursuing post-graduation in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai. All the teachers had always been very supportive and would help you out whenever in any problem. Not just the academics, but also the sports and various extra-curricular activities that are conducted here has helped me mould into a better individual. Specially to mention Principal ma’am, Vijaya ma’am, Vaishali ma’am, Nana sir, Ram sir and all other teachers have a pivotal role in my success. The discipline and values of this school has made me what I am today. I am so grateful for all the sweet and sour memories this place has given me.


    Dr Nisha Jain
  • I am father of Samruddhi Muknak from 9C.
    The co-operation from school staff and teachers since we took admission in Jr. Kg is excellent. The teaching method of teachers is easy to understand for my child. Lunch provided is good in both quality and taste. The variation in food menu and taste makes the child feel to eat. Events like Sports day, Annual Gathering and other Fun activities are organised very nicely. Because of this the interest of child in various activities increases. Classrooms are clean and sitting arrangement is excellent and comfortable for children. The Discipline of the school is very good. As a parent I personally like the school because of the above things and honestly my child loves to go to school.


    Narendra. Muknak.
    Parent of Samruddhi Muknak from 9C.
  • Mahaveer English Medium School provides a great opportunity for education as well as other curriculum activities. The teaching is absolutely amazing and the doubts of all students are solved no matter how many times they ask.

    Cleanliness also plays a major role and so Mahaveer School has 100. My elder daughter also passed out from this school as well as my daughter is currently studying in this school and I totally love the school as the school also functions with all kinds of Jain activities.

    Mamta Mukesh Jain