Time And Tide Wait for None – By Aditi Trivedi – VII A

Time and tide wait for none means wasting time will never come back. This
proverb teaches us value and importance of time. This saying encourages us to
cherish time and not waste time. One must learn how to use time efficiently.
Both time and time represents the importance of opportunity.
It is short-lived and knocks at our door without notice. Time is a precious gift
from the almighty given to us and we must utilize it fully. If we do something
good, we will be loved and remembered by people for a long time and forever.
It is well-known principle that we collectively recognize that time and tides are
not fixed for anyone. Thus, we should respect time and value time for a
successful life.
In my childhood my friend’s mother had an accident while she was driving. She
was severely hurt and had to admitted to a nearby hospital. When her
husband took her to the hospital no doctor examined even though he
repeatedly told about her severe condition. Within 10-15 minutes she went
into comma and diagnosed later it was seen that she had severely hurt in her
brain due to heavy bleeding, leading her to comma. Had she been diagnosed
on time by doctors, she might not got into comma.
Time regularly runs every second and never stops for a second anyway. Time
annihilates those who annihilate time. If time once has gone we cannot regain
it. You should have a dedication, towards utilizing time. We all know the story
of “Rabbit and tortoise” , and this story is the perfect idiom. Our life is like that
only; to achieve success we must work hard with time.

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